Samvado creates beautiful Wood, Stone and Metal Sculptures In Cornwall

Wandering in the Cornish landscape , finding wood and stone abundantly available my work is to create simple forms to represent Nature and natural energy. Woodturning and carving reveal life’s tide line in the grain of wood. This is how life has written the story of its growing, in one place in all weather.  Anyone may find themselves in tune with a tree, our simplest and oldest door to Nature, our close companion since the Stick and Stone age.

yew form Yew Form 53 x 30 x 14 cms £375
Blood corpuscle – air Remember Incredible String Band song, ‘Air’ ? Just born, trying this new thing, breathing


Bowl forms and spheres and spires seem best to show the grainy story of the annual rings, if we can appreciate the language of wood. Pieces are worked in my studio then left to dry before being finished with Danish oil. Texture may be smooth or sometimes sandblasted. Usually some part of the original tree is left exposed, as in a natural edged bowl, for a balance of rough and smooth.



The same energy of Nature in the thrust of earth is seen in Cornwall’s  rock formations of serpentine and granite, cooled and hardened to the ground beneath our feet. Stone carving is slower work yet these shapes remind that  earth can move, was once liquid, cracking cooling, grinding surfaces under enormous pressure, the landscape we can easily see into on the coast of Cornwall where the sea eats at the land. There is great variety of stone here, from Devonian slate to serpentine, gabro,  elvan and granite, and many mixtures in between. Each requires its technique of working for hardness, texture and colour, especially the medium of serpentine

4 D Sphere Stainless steel 30 cms diameter £3,000



From the grounding below to the abiding of trees, we too want to find our place here, not separate from Nature, being reminded of the long journey life has traveled  to arrive here now. Perhaps creativity is the deepest expression of the life force in us, in all its forms from poetry to sculpture, painting to dance, private and public. Inventing our self in our daily drama, as actors in each others movies, waving or drowning. We create out of our source, which is the same source of all life. We partake of the mystery we find our self in.

Abstract sculptures in cast metals, bronze and stainless steel, try to convey the understanding of form, in relation to formlessness. This is described in Ways of Working and on the page 4D Spheres. The local foundry at Hayle have cast this rough form that has now been polished to a mirror finish, reflecting its surroundings

Visitors are welcome at Wood Studio on the Lizard, Cornwall for a feast of work for house and garden, hundreds of pieces for sale, or you may commission your own.