Stone pieces are sculpted from local granite or serpentine. Wood pieces are sculpted from either recycled green heart or oak. Metal sculptures are from either bronze, stainless steel or aluminum, cast in Devon or  locally in Hayle. All pieces are finished here at Wood Studio.

Often a garden lacks vertical lines and a tall sculpture can lead the eye from low levels to the majesty of trees.

There are a number of works for outdoors available at Wood Studio and several in process.

Size is suggested by the situation. Work for an existing plinth or wall, or niche, or to suit the patio will be different than for a long vista.

Please note: Larger pieces may need groundwork’s to support the weight, usually a concrete base below ground level, graveled or grassed over later. The work is usually pinned to the base. Visitors are welcome to discuss their initial idea or browse and see what aspects may be of interest, whether work is to be viewed in the round, or more usually if there is a preferred viewing point Previous works are included here for further inspiration. Even a stone bench can have many variations and it takes a little time to enjoyably discover one’s preferences.