Expressions of interest


Art galleries interested in displaying work please email or phone to discuss.

Cast bronze, stainless or glass pieces are offered at maximum one third commission, since another third is cost of casting

Sales of Work

Most work is sold at Wood Studio as sculpture is perhaps best appreciated in the round, or hands on

If you are interested in any piece on the website for a possible purchase, please email or phone to discuss.

Usually other images can be sent to show different aspects.

Most pieces can be packed carefully and sent in UK

Payment by direct bank transfer is preferred, or Paypal is possible

Some pieces may be on display elsewhere, or have been sold.

In that event similar items may be suggested and photos sent, or a time given for a replacement to be made

Alternatively you may commission your own piece


Commissions are invited for works for house or garden. Best woods for outside are oak, green-heart and red gum.
Other woods, if treated, can last for many years outdoors. eg.Larch

You may also send or bring your own timber, perhaps from a favourite tree, to be into a lasting memento. Wood for indoor use must be well dried, so to create for a deadline date needs as much time ahead as possible.

Stone is usually local granite or serpentine.

Metal sculptures are casts of bronze,  iron, aluminium or stainless steel.

For indoor situations the scope of timbers is much wider. I am using UK timbers only – or else locally reclaimed woods.
Ash, Yew, Elm , Oak, Walnut, Birch, Macrocarpa, Box, Hawthorn, Apple, Mulberry, Laburnum, Sycamore, Holly, Plum, Cherry, Pear have been all been used successfully.

There are some 200 pieces here on view at Wood Studio. Often chosen for birthdays, wedding presents or a retirement memento,

wood has a living warmth that conveys a gesture of for ever after, a long wish.

Working with architects and interior designers over the years for individual pieces, it has been a pleasure to discover the client’s preferences and let them see what is possible, affordable and enjoyable for them.